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Adult Prom 2017

Adult prom is one of the newest events hosted by the Springfield Area Arts Council.  The 5th Annual Adult Prom will be held on Saturday, May 20, at The Remedy Bar, 9 W Old State Capitol Plaza–near 5th and Adams Streets, in downtown Springfield from 7-11 p.m..  This year’s theme is “PROM GONE MAD — A Mad Men 50s & 60s Prom.”  Co-Chairs are 2015 Prom Queen Courtney Wick and Prom King Kari Bedford, who throw royal parties!

Adult prom includes all the basic ingredients of a high-school prom including photos, dancing, decorations and, of course, the prom court!  Period-appropriate clothing and accessories is encouraged.  There will be a cash bar and appetizers.  A photo booth is included, and the house D J will spin platters for you and your prom date!  Tickets are $25 each for this over-21 event due to its location at a bar.

Purchase tickets through PayPal! Tickets may be picked up at the Arts Council office during usual business hours, Monday through Friday, or they may be called for at the event door. Tickets will also be available at Pride Fest and at the door.


The 2017 Prom Court has been finalized and confirmed.  The royal couples are:


Sophie Lanser & Ryan Fisher

Sophie recently finished her junior year at the University of Illinois where she studies Industrial Engineering.  She is actively involved in the theatre community here in town and is thrilled to be a part of the Springfield Area Arts Council’s Adult Prom!  She was last seen as Ariel in the Muni’s 2016 production of the Little Mermaid.  Sophie is so excited to share this experience with her Prince Eric (Ryan Fisher) and to help raise money to support the arts.  Ryan Fisher is a recent graduate from Illinois Wesleyan University with a BA in Theatre Arts.  He has an emphasis in Applied Theatre and is interested in working with historically marginalized communities to give them a voice through creating art.  He’s been doing community theatre in Springfield for the last 4 years (Muni, Legacy, etc.) and continues to support local talent, productions, and organizations that aim to bring the arts to Springfield.  He believes art is important because it’s allows an opportunity to reach everyone and is used as a medium to talk about difficult issues that are prevalent in society.  It’s a pathway for expression, communication, enjoyment, and a way to stay young in what is an ever growing “adult” world.  Help these two go from “Prince and Princess” to KING and QUEEN of the SPRINGFIELD AREA ARTS COUNCIL 2017 ADULT PROM!  Vote for them here:



Kara Provines & Dave Tegler

Kara is currently a teacher at Hope Academy.  She loves to dance and sing for her students, with her students, and anywhere for that matter!  Growing up, she was considered weird, and now we know that to be enthusiasm for whatever she is a part of.  Kara was in the school band as a drummer since third grade.  She always supports the arts, as she believes it is an integral part of a child’s upbringing.  A child should be able to become whatever they want to be in life, and those wonderfully weird little humans should have all the support they can get to let their unique flag fly.  Dave currently works at Health Care and Family Services.  He has a passion for any sporting event, but his second one is music.  He always says, “ooh, that’s my favorite song,” about almost every song he hears!  He supports the arts, because his wonderfully weird and enthusiastic girlfriend does!  If Kara can persuade him to support the arts and how amazing they are for all ages, she can persuade anybody!  So, please donate to help all those kids and adults alike make their dreams come true!!  VOTE KARA AND DAVE FOR SPRINGFIELD AREA ART COUNCIL’S ADULT PROM KING AND QUEEN 2017! Vote for them here:



Amanda Holloway Brott & Cory Draper Blissett

Cory Draper Blissett is Creative Director of the Manhattan advertising firm Sterling Cooper.  He then became a founding partner at a new firm, Sterling Cooper Draper Blissett, after he and his superiors left their previous agency in advance of an unwanted acquisition.  The agency later merged with a rival firm to become Sterling Cooper & Blissett while pursuing a contract from Chevrolet.  Despite his outward disenchantment, egotism, and near constant solicitation of ladies, Cory Draper Blissett remains, in his heart, a man with high ethical standards.  Amanda Holloway Brott was originally the office manager at the advertising agency Sterling Cooper and then played an integral role in assisting in the setup of Sterling Cooper & Blissett.  With her intimate knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order, notetaking, managing male staff and secretly monitoring all private meetings with the new office intercom system, she embodies the role of femme fatale.  In an alternate world free of Mad Men, Cory and Amanda actually work at Hope.  Hope is an enchanted place where miracles happen every day, not only for the incredible children there but also for the employees.  To say this couple is passionate about the work they do would be an understatement.  Each is committed to increasing the quality of life and independence for all children while fueled by a mission for full community inclusion for everyone.  They strive for a world in which differences are just differences; nothing less, nothing greater.  With that in mind, both Cory and Amanda believe in the expression and application of creative skill and imagination.  To that end, they work to ensure that the children in their care, those effected by autism and other learning differences, are not only exposed to the power of the arts but are participants, creators, and performers.  Art is truly for everyone.  Please vote for Amanda and Cory! Vote for them here:



Lindsey & Lucas Peterson

Lucas and Lindsey are mad about each other.  Where Lucas goes, Lindsey tends to follow and with cookies in hand.  Together, they’ve been involved in four years of productions at the Springfield Municipal Opera and productions at Pleasant Plains High School, and they try their best to support local theater as appreciative, attentive audience members.  Lucas and Lindsey met on in 2013.  Aside from Springfield arts, they also enjoy playing video games, drinking fine whiskies, and engaging the attention of their two cats, Goddard and Woodhouse.  Their future plans include traveling and being married for as long as possible.  Please vote for them for King and Queen of Adult Prom 2017! Vote for them here:



Rachel Otwell & Eric Rogers

Rachel was drawn to Eric after seeing him walk into Viele’s Planet (RIP) for Hobgoblin Spookadelic, a Springfield tradition/annual punk Halloween show.  He was costumed as a glam rocker, including makeup and purple bell-bottoms.  The two teens attended different high schools, but after that initial meeting had countless broody coffee dates at Denny’s by the mall, which was a social scene for the misfit kids who would congregate there after shows.  Eric, a musician, wrote his very first song to mark the one-year anniversary of their first kiss.  He still plays it at shows, and she still dies of embarrassment (and love) every time.  Rachel has been part of the arts scene since her acting debut at the age of eight.  Her role was the 11th playing card for an Alice in Wonderland production at the Springfield Theatre Center; she was given the special number because she sobbed when the rest of the cast got their costumes before her due to a miscalculation.  She’s dramatic as ever, although no longer overacting on any real stages.  Instead she’s an enthusiastic supporter of the arts in all its forms and is sharing stories on art & culture as a journalist for NPR Illinois.  Eric was half of The Luzhin Defense for several years and is now working on solo tunes, with an interest in electronics and music production.  He watches the pair’s three-year-old during the day and works at the Central Illinois Community Blood Center by night.  Both parents are proud to have a kid who says she wants to be an artist when she grows up.  They remind her she already is one, and that’s the great thing about art, at its best – it’s limitless and inclusive.  Art can be a sort of magic, an expression of the vibrancy and diversity that makes life worth celebrating and exploring.  That’s why Rachel & Eric encourage the community to step up and give what they can to the Springfield Area Arts Council, which supports a large variety of organizations and efforts, including visual and performing arts programming in schools.  Please vote for Rachel and Eric for Adult Prom Queen and King!!! Vote for them here:



Tiffany Riech & Andrew Sherwood Brandt

Andrew and Tiffany have been a couple since they first performed together in December of 2016.  Both originally from the Springfield area, Andrew works for the State of Illinois, while Tiffany’s many jobs include teaching dance and choreographing for the Sacred Heart Griffin music department.  Whether it’s performing together, eating pizza, or watching Dance Moms, they are the best of friends who constantly broaden each other’s horizons.  They live in an apartment in Jerome with their dog, and two cats.  Two in harmony surpasses one in perfection, and no couple better exemplifies the virtues of trust and mutual respect than Andrew and Tiffany.  They love supporting the arts; so, please support them in voting them King and Queen of Adult Prom 2017! Vote for them here:



Clare Frachey & B. J. Pearce

Springfield is an extremely unique place when it comes to the arts scene.  The climate is perfect for both interpersonal and professional networking!  Opportunities for new entrepreneurs and well established business owners to learn from each other are always present, which is why living here is so amazing for us.  As co-owners of The Black Sheep Cafe and as a recording studio owner and art show coordinator respectively, we find it very easy to work with people from all tiers of community involvement.  They love doing what they do!  For this reason and more, we support the local arts and the Springfield Area Arts Council because we are so well supported in return.  Encouraging growth in the community is something we both take stock in and love any opportunity to give back.  SO VOTE CLARE AND B.J PROM KING AND QUEEN FOR ADULT PROM 2017! Vote for them here:



Ashley Cox & Jesse Baker

Jesse and Ashley are life-long fans of the arts.  Jesse spends a very private, yet irresponsible amount of money on Disney products, while Ashley brakes for squirrels and names home-intruding possums.  When they aren’t spontaneously bursting into improvised song, this duo rides shooting stars into the hearts of strangers.  Ashley has a burning desire to learn the piano, expressed on at least two separate occasions.  Jesse is a master of many air-themed instruments, such as guitar, drums, trumpet, piano and flute.  Jesse is also a master chef, which has enabled Ashley to blossom into the master taste tester she always aspired to be.  Ashley also is an impressionist painter, an aspiring runner, and an explorer of the dark arts in free form dancing.  She moves how the song and her soul demand and makes no apologies to any who may fall in love during her celebration of life.  They may not be masters of any particular art form, but they always enjoy with their whole hearts.  So, here’s to imagination, creativity, and delusion, in no particular order.  All have served them well and will continue to reward the thinkers and dreamers far into the future.  Donate on behalf of them to Adult Prom 2017 so that they can be actual masters of something…  ROYALTY. Vote for them here:



Alayna Curry & Nicole Pittman

Meet Nicole and Alayna!  These two fun-loving, freewheeling chicks met doing the thing they love most: performing for the drunk masses in corsets and killer heels.  While running around dressed as sociopathic aliens in fishnets may not be the most conventional form of theater, it still embodies everything there is to love about the stage.  It encourages empathy and creativity.  It allows you to free yourself and let go of your inhibitions.  And above all, it fosters a space for a far out time.  The theater community is the bees knees, and if you love it as much as these fab ladies, throw a couple of dollar bills their way.  See all you cool cats on the dance floor!  VOTE for Alayna and Nicole! Vote for them here:


Vote for your favorite or favorites as often as you like.  The couple at the end of the evening with the most votes will leave with the much-coveted crowns and bragging rights!  Votes for the prom couples are made by your financial contribution.  This fund-raiser to supports the programs of the Arts Council throughout the coming year.

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