Adult Prom 2016

Adult prom is one of the newest events hosted by the Springfield Area Arts Council.  The 4th Annual Adult Prom will be held on Saturday, May 21 at Arlington’s in Downtown Springfield from 7-11 p.m..

Adult prom includes all the basic ingredients of a high-school prom including photos, dancing, decorations and, of course, the prom court! Semi-formal to formal attire suggested. There will be a cash bar and food will be available.

Purchase tickets through PayPal! Tickets will be mailed out, or left at will call the week of the event.


Please check back for updates on the 2016 event.


The 2016 Prom Court includes:

Zach and Rachel Rambach
Wade Ebert and Mandy Saia
Drew Thomason and Jamey Dunn-Thomason
Ryan and Lisa Cannon
Samantha Gaines and DeShanee Miner
Zach and Naomi Baliva
Josh and Kate Catalano
Megan Hart and DeWayne Williams


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Couple #1

Zach and Rachel Rambach are Springfield natives. Their romance began in the 6th grade, but unfortunately was short-lived the first time around. They rekindled the flame 10 years later while still in college. After graduating from Illinois State University, Zach went on to become an insurance agent for AAA, and just recently opened The Rambach Insurance Agency. Rachel completed her masters degree in music therapy at Illinois State University, and is the founder and co-owner of Music Therapy Connections.

Zach and Rachel married in 2008. Rachel has been heavily involved in the local arts since elementary school, performing frequently in Springfield Area Arts Council events. Zach is an avid soccer player and president of Rachel’s fan club. They would both like to see the arts continue to flourish here in Springfield for the next generation, including their two children: Parker (2) and Mia (9 months).

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Couple #2

Mandy is an amateur photographer and former curator of Third Thursday Art Show (2010-2012).  She has also been a juried member of the Prairie Art Alliance, taught arts and humanities classes at the YMCA, and has participated in several shows at the Springfield Art Association.
Wade is a long-time patron of the local arts and music scene in Springfield, and actually met Mandy at a Third Thursday art show when he was buying a painting from a local artist.  Before entering real estate, Wade owned and operated an auto body business in Springfield, and so has experienced first-hand the value and importance of supporting local business endeavors.
Both Mandy and Wade believe that art and music organizations such as PAA, SAA, The Pharmacy, The Studio and Black Sheep Cafe (just to name a few) are what set Springfield apart and make it a unique and culturally diverse town.  Just about every night in Springfield, and certainly every weekend, there is a variety of art shows, bands, plays, paint nights and countless other events to satisfy those hungry for culture and creativity.  But none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for people donating time, money and resources to support the local arts scene. Currently, many of the creative endeavors here in Springfield are run by volunteers who are passionate about making this community more diverse. In order to keep these events alive, and to help new artists and musicians emerge, funding has to be present. Springfield is already famous for it’s historical significance.  Let’s create a community that’s famous for it’s artistic significance as well!
Wade Ebert is a real estate broker for The Real Estate Group in Springfield, IL.  Mandy Saia is the librarian for Springfield Ball Charter School.

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Couple #3

Drew and Jamey met in Springfield in grad school at the University of Illinois Springfield. There they fell madly in like just one week before graduating. He moved to Kentucky. She moved back to her hometown of Mattoon, Illinois. Weekends together were too short, and the six hour drive might have ended other relationships. But love born in Springfield is tough.  Eventually the metropolis on the prairie worked its magic, and brought Drew and Jamey together. The two were married in 2011 and have called Springfield home ever since.

This summer will be their fifth wedding anniversary, wouldn’t it be great to have the couple go into it as Adult Prom king and queen? Yes. Yes it would. But don’t vote just because of that. Vote because your money goes to an organization that helps the arts thrive in Springfield. How did Drew woo Jamey early on? His trumpet skills, of course, which he learned in public school band. What helped formerly shy Jamey come out of her shell and eventually become a journalist? Her experience acting in community theatre, which began with a high school play. Want more Drews wooing more Jameys with trumpets (or trombones or saxophones)? Want more young people learning life skills and gaining confidence through the arts? Then vote!

Did you know that the Springfield Area Arts Council supports the visual and performing arts in schools throughout Sangamon and Menard counties? You do now! Vote! And be sure to come to the 20s-themed adult prom at Arlington’s in May for a roaring good time.


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Couple #4

Did you hear the one about the birthday party that ended up being a wedding? Well that’s Ryan and Lisa’s story. It’s a classic tale of boy meets girl, girl is diagnosed with stage IV cancer, boy asks girl to marry him, and in a months time plan out their surprise wedding at the girls’ 30th birthday party. They’ve been battling the cancer together ever since. Sounds a bit like a Hallmark movie, don’t you think so? So why are these crazy kids on the court this year for adult prom? Well, Ryan is a business account manager for Verizon originally from Montana, and Lisa has owned her own graphic design and photography business since 2009 and is a Springfield/Chatham native. Lately, Lisa has had to step away from her business to focus on getting rid of the cancer once and for all. However, her love of the arts still remains. This couple has two amazing daughters that also have a love of the arts. Whether it’s making their own puppet show, putting on a concert in the living room, or just using their imaginations to entertain themselves, their creativity will only grow in the coming years. Ryan and Lisa want to keep the arts alive in Springfield for them. Why the arts? Essentially when you create an art piece with paint, take an inspiring photograph, perform in one of the plays at the Hoogland or the Muni, or play an instrument, the goal is always the same; to evoke a positive emotional response to your creation. Even if that emotion is sadness, you end up smiling through the tears. That can be a hard concept to grasp, but bring someone in need of uplifting to see Shrek, Peter Pan or a jazz quartet and their mood immediately improves. There’s too much anger and hate in our world today so if more people took the time to either participate or witness the arts community, maybe just maybe we can help them find happiness through the darkness.

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 Couple #5

Samantha Gaines and DeShanee Miner have been friends since college. (With matching friendship rings to prove it!) They are honored to be a part of this year’s court. Both have participated in many productions in Springfield and the surrounding areas. Samantha works for the Springfield Housing Authority and DeShanee works for SPARC. Both have a love for theater because of all the wonderful people they have met, amazing bonds, and great displays of talent the area offers. They are beyond excited to give back to the theatre community that they consider a home away from home, and to make this year’s court fabulous.

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Couple #6

Zach and Naomi Baliva moved back to Chatham in 2013 (Zach was born in Springfield) after spending two years in Rome, Italy, where they assisted church planters, refugees, and victims of human trafficking. Currently, Zach is a video producer and multimedia editor at Memorial Health System, and Naomi is taking care of their 6-year-old son, Anthony, while pursuing her Masters of Divinity degree. Together, they are working on a series of short documentary projects with a partner in Florence.

Zach and Naomi are supporting the Springfield Area Arts Council because their family has enjoyed and participated in Council events for several generations, and they hope to pass along that tradition to
Anthony. Additionally, both Zach and Naomi have worked professionally in the arts, mostly in film, television, and animation. They have seen first-hand how organizations like the SAAC inspire local residents to explore their passions and discover new talents. They hope to encourage others to support the organization that continues to enrich the lives of many here in our Springfield community.


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Couple #7

Kate remembers the night she first saw Josh. They were awkwardly standing around at their seventh/eighth grade dance (wearing silk button down shirts, no doubt) when Josh decided to stir things up by performing the 90’s dance, the worm. That’s when she told herself, “I have to have him.” A couple years later, he chose her as a partner for German class to perform a German dialogue in front of their class. Kate assumed Josh was using her for her good class standing and decided to make Josh write the dialogue himself. They ended up reading a perverse German version of a passage from Basic Instinct. They got thrown out of class. This only made her want him more. After years of pining for one another, they reconnected while taking a Music Appreciation class together at Lincoln Land Community College. Their relationship became official on March 13, 1997.

Since, they have filled the last 19 years with friends, travel, good food, interesting beers, family fun and so much love. Now married 10 years, Josh is a Director of Art and Productions by day and a singer song writer/musician for multiple bands in his spare time. Kate is a graduate from UIS with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and currently bartends at local brew pub Obed and Isaac’s. They have a baby daughter, Harper Kathleen, who takes up a lot of their time, but both continue to support all things original in Springfield. Josh has spent years booking countless out of town and local bands at venues around town. He also puts on an all original music festival, The Downhome Music, Beer and Art Festival. Together they try to attend as many artistic events as they can. Josh and Kate are honored and excited to be part of this event and look forward to supporting the Springfield Area Art Council. Local talent and art is very important to both of them. Kate and Josh hope for your contributions and to become royalty, finally!


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 Couple #8
Megan Hart is Gymnastics Coordinator and Head Coach of the gymnastics team at the Springfield YMCA. In her free time she volunteers with the Southeast Sensations show choir. She have been active in the arts for 13 years. She supports the arts because it has been a huge asset to her life and thinks that everyone should be able to experience it. DeWayne Williams works for the YMCA as a Site Coordinator in the Youth Development Department. He also volunteers in his spare time with the Southeast High School Show Choir “The Sensations”. DeWayne has been active in the local community theater for 8 years and loves the people that he continues to meet. DeWayne believes that the Arts enriches lives and promotes a healthy outlet and growth system for children and adults. Megan and DeWayne are both excited to be a part of this years Adult Prom Court!