Kids: Vocal

Winner: Kayleigh Paris

“I’m Going to Love You” by Meghan Trainor

Runner up: Amanda Rollins

Love Is An Open Door

Kids: Performance Arts

Winner: Mike Hofner

Lost Boy Dance by Annaliese

Young Adult: Vocal

Winner: Evelyn Vinzant

Adult: Vocal

Winner: Marsha Grant

Song; There Are Worst Things I Could Do 

Adult: Visual Arts

Winner: Glen Aylward Barriers

Adult: Performance Arts

Winner: Natalie Sims

MNY Crazy For Love

Runner up: Ben Paoletti

Oh, My Gourd!!

Runner up: Layna Rivas


Adult: Musical

Winner: Becky Kunken

Hornpipe from Handel’s Water Music 

Runner up:  Merle Steinert

I will follow you into the dark

Runner up: Prairie Winds Flute Ensemble

Ashokan Farewell performed by the Prairie Winds Flute Ensemble

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