Adult Prom 2019

Adult prom is one of the newest events hosted by the Springfield Area Arts Council.  The 7th Annual Adult Prom will be held later in 2019.

Tickets will be available to purchase through PayPal.  You may pick up your tickets at the Arts Council office during usual business hours, Monday through Friday, or they may be called for at the event door. Tickets may also be purchased at the door.


The 2018 Prom Court has been finalized and confirmed.  The royal couples are:

Vote for your favorite or favorites as often as you like.  The couple at the end of the evening with the most votes will leave with the much-coveted crowns and bragging rights!  Votes for the prom couples are made by your financial contribution.  This fund-raiser to supports the programs of the Arts Council throughout the coming year.

Jacob Deters & Cami Kern

Jacob and Cami are ready to whip the competition into shape for this year’s Prom Court. Cami is the Studio Manager at Orangetheory Fitness. Jacob currently is an actor at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and a part of the Orangetheroy Fitness team. Jacob and Cami met in the Muni’s 2014 production of All Shook Up where they played opposite each other as Dennis and Ms. Sandra. This friendship blossomed over the years which lead to them now being roomies and practically spend every moment together. When not getting their fitness on, they can usually been seen, running to rehearsal, binge watching the latest Netflix fad, and cuddling their #halloweenkitty, Binx (who has hella amount of lives). Jacob and Cami are proud supporters of the Springfield Area Arts Council having directed or performed together in countless First Night Springfield shows. They also have been seen in many theatrical performances at the Muni, Springfield Theater Center, The Legacy, and the Hoogland Center for the Arts. Some of Jacob’s favorite roles include: Billy (Anything Goes, STC), Race (Newsies, The Legacy), and Dennis (All Shook Up, Muni). You can catch Jacob as the tight short wearing UPS man, Kyle, this year in the Muni’s production of Legally BlondeCami’s favorite roles include: Roxie Hart (Chicago, HCFTA), Judy (White Christmas, Muni), Anita (West Side Story, Muni), Ms. Sandra (All Shook Up, Muni), and Morales (A Chorus Line, STC). Both Jacob and Cami’s favorite movie from the 90s is Titanic and frequently find ways to reference this cinematic masterpiece. Celine Dion will always hold a place in their hearts. Jacob and Cami want to thank The SAAC for selecting them for being a part of this wicked opportunity! “This year’s prom is bound to be all that and a bag of potato chips!”

Matthew Hanauer & Mercedes Hanauer

Matthew and Mercedes Hanauer both grew up in rural towns, but both earned prominent roles in the local Arts. Mercedes was a dancing sensation in Central Arkansas. Matthew was a talented vocalist in Southern Indiana. They surrounded themselves with music, dancing and singing because it was what they loved. They had no idea that it would lead each of them to meeting the love of their lives. In 2015, they both auditioned and earned roles as Phantoms in The Rocky Horror Show at the Hoogland Center for the Arts. They met at rehearsals for this show and before too long, found themselves in love. Since meeting, they earned roles in South Pacific and the Little Mermaid at the Muni and the Rocky Horror Show again in 2016, where they played Brad and Janet, the young but naïve couple whose horizons are opened by meeting a new group of people, very much like Matthew and Mercedes’ lives had been changed by Springfield theatre. Since then, they began their family. In 2017, they were married and had a son, Luke. The Arts brought this family together and it will continue to be a major part of them for the rest of their lives!

Graham Ogilvy & Jodi Ogilvy

Jodi and Graham Ogilvy met one fateful evening and immediately bonded over their shared love of whiskey and Pop Rocks. The rest, as they say, is history. Fast forward several years later, Jodi works as the Director of Communications for Hope, a non-profit that has been a part of Springfield’s rich history for the past 60 years, and Graham is an associate attorney at Shay & Associates. Graham spends his free time as the lead drummer in the St. Andrew’s Society of Central Illinois Pipes and Drums and taking blog photos for Jodi, who is the co-author of the fashion and lifestyle blog, Mod Circus. Both Jodi and Graham are huge advocates for the arts. They both understand how very important it is for children and adults to have the freedom to express themselves creatively. As new residents of Springfield, they are enjoying getting to know their new home and all of the arts, culture, food and drinks it has to offer! Their true passion, though, is sitting on their couch in sweatpants, watching Netflix with their pup, Murphy, curled up between them.

Drew Stroud & Carly Stroud

Carly and Drew Stroud are ecstatic to be on the Springfield Area Arts Council’s Adult Prom Court. Their journey began two years ago when the duo moved to Springfield, which was only to be a one-year stop on their way to Chicago; little did the couple know, they would soon become so attached to Springfield, this “one-year stop” would become a much more permanent ground for their future development. Enter Capital City Improv. Carly and Drew, noticing a lack of improvisational theatre, decided to create a troupe to help develop and foster improv. After growing up with and becoming extremely passionate about improv, they were overjoyed with the opportunity to bring a new avenue to the Springfield Arts Community. After just over a year of existence, CCI has hosted a multitude of workshops, performed a variety of sold-out shows, and have helped to create this beautiful improvisational seed that is starting to bloom. Aside from improv, Carly and Drew are both heavily involved in the theatre community – in the director’s chair or on the stage for the Muni, the Hoogland, the Legacy and TIP – their passion to keep developing the arts in Springfield is in full-swing. As they recently said in their portrayal of Rod and Nicky(‘s right arm) in STC’s Avenue Q: “Give us your money, all that you got.”

Tiffany Riech & Rigoberto Ernst

Rigoberto and Tiffany first met in a production of West Side Story at the Springfield Muni. They started dating after Rigo started taking tap lessons in a class that Tiffany taught with Mr. Gary Shull. They both have an enormous love of the arts! Tiffany received her BS in Dance from Illinois State University. She is also a professional dancer, a Dance instructor at Dance Arts Studio, owns her own dance program, Cass County Dance Co., and teaches for Kohl’s Kids Just Gotta Dance (a program that is fun and innovative way to help address childhood health and wellness in our community). Tiffany also works as a receptionist for BJ Grand Salon and Spa. Rigo received his BM in music from the Juilliard School in NYC. He gives voice lessons and works for the News Group in Springfield. Both can be seen auditioning and performing in local theater performances. In their spare time they enjoy eating pizza and binge watching episodes of Smallville in their downtown apartment with their two kitties, Audrey and Missouri. Vote Rigo and Tiffany!

Squire Prince & Cedric Milhouse

Squire Prince and Cedric Milhouse are glad to make their grand entrance with their fellow cast mates of the Springfield Area Arts Council’s Adult Prom Court. Hailling from Jacksonville, they both bud from the Illinois College Theatre department, Squire is a soon to be graduate, and Cedric a rising senior. They both began their adventures together, sans IC, when Squire directed Peter Pan and Wendy at Playhouse on The Square, with Cedric stage managing. Now they are a director-stage manager duo that can’t be broken apart, and continue to bring new young energy to the central Illinois theatre scene. Both passionate about theatre…and well having a job…Squire and Cedric strive to be able to provide for the Springfield area arts scene, and you can help… giving money!!!

Andrew Lazarides & Cayleigh Lazarides

Cayleigh and Andy met while leading worship at a local church. She thought his guitar skills were da bomb and before long they were inseparable. They tied-the-knot in 2015, and just celebrated the birth of their son David. The arts have always been a part of their lives whether they were singing at church, gettin jiggy on the dance floor, or just listening to fresh music together. They both have several friends and family members who are involved in the arts, and they enjoy passionately supporting them whenever they can. When asked why the arts are needed in Springfield, Andy replied “Let me break it down..the arts help people to keep it real, feel me?”. They are both mad excited to be supporting the Springfield Arts Council by being on prom court, and think you have to be trippin’ not to vote for them for king and queen. Cowabunga!

Nick Throop Sandercock and Stephen Sandercock

Nick Throop Sandercock and Stephen Sandercock are both Springfield natives, and they are thrilled to be joining the SAAC Prom Court! They met 5 years ago during chance circumstances, and they were married October 2016. They have two dogs and a cat and enjoy spending their summers on Lake Springfield with friends and family. They also enjoy trying new craft beer and touring breweries wherever they travel. Nick works at the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation in Organization Development, and Stephen is a surgical device specialist working at many different hospitals in Central Illinois. Stephen enjoyed sketching and painting in high school, and he still makes canvasses in his spare time for family. Nick spent his teenage years onstage in local productions, and he likes playing the piano they inherited this year (and Stephen is self-teaching!) They both believe that arts exposure and education has made them more well rounded, and they’re excited to raise money for an organization that promotes programs like this in the community. Vote Stephen & Nick!!

Bailee Brinkman & Anna Benoit

Anna and Bailee may be the babies of the court this year, but they are no strangers to the arts in Springfield! The arts have played a vital role in their life and friendship! Bailee and Anna grew up dancing together at Springfield Dance and have since performed with the Springfield Ballet Company, The Muni, and the Legacy Theatre! Now, they are both in college studying to pursue a career in the performing arts. Anna is studying Lyric Theatre at the University of Illinois, and Bailee is studying Dance at Pointe Park. When they aren’t in rehearsals, you can catch them baking, making music videos, taking photos with giant fish, or causing a ruckus throughout Springfield!

Photos by Kari Bedford (