On My Own Time Exhibit Program Seeks Participation

The Springfield Area Arts Council is pleased to announce the return of the On My Own Time program in 2019.  This biennial visual arts program gives employees of participating organizations, businesses, government agencies, and medical and educational institutions an opportunity to showcase their creativity and accomplishments through artwork completed outside working hours.

Eligible artwork includes paintings and drawings, fiber and needlework, pottery, photography, jewelry, glass, metal, wood, and paper.

Based on a city-wide standard, the artwork from each participating organization will be judged by a panel of specialists and awarded a First, Second, or Third Place.  First Place-winning artwork is displayed in the City-wide Exhibit to be held November 6-23, 2019, at the Springfield Art Association (700 North Fourth Street).

Arts Council volunteers Rod and Rosemary Buffington are coordinating the 2019 On My Own Time program.  For further information about participating in this program, please call or email the Springfield Area Arts Council at 217-753-3519 or director@springfieldartsco.org.

November 6-23, 2019
Springfield Art Association Gallery 700 North Fourth Street Springfield, IL 62702

Program Coordinator: Rosemary Buffington

Judges: Betsy Dollar, Bryon Hartley, Marianne Stremsterfer


Best of Show – Peg Lonson Award
Kathi Lee, Springfield School District #186 – “Rooster Carpe Diem”

Best of Show – Special Mention
Adena Rivas, City of Springfield – “What a Waste”

First Place: Julie Brown, Springfield School District #186 – “Berthe” Second Place: Missy Block, Illinois State Police – “#22” Third Place: Stacey Chavours, Springfield School District #186 – “To the Ocean” Honorable Mention: Greg Walbert, Lincoln Land Community College – “Giraffe” Honorable Mention: Robin Timm, Illinois State Police – “Anne Mason Pear”

First Place: Kola Olatunde, Illinois State Police – “Damsel” Second Place: Micki Smith, Illinois State Police – “Bob Marley – “Turn Your Vision into Reality” Third Place: Greg Walbert, Lincoln Land Community College – “Lincoln” Honorable Mention: Ron Pitchford, Illinois Department of Revenue – “At the Game…” Honorable Mention: Matthew Wolf, City of Springfield – “Christmas Comic 2018”

First Place: Beth Pianezza, Springfield School District #186 – “Home Sweet Home”
Second Place: Kelley Minder, Springfield School District #186 – “Untitled” Third Place: Meredith Mahoney, Illinois State Museum – “Milkweed Beetles”

First Place: Kate Suits, Illinois State Museum – “9490”
Second Place: Heidi Krekel, Springfield School District #186 – “Sample One” Third Place: Doug Stapleton, Illinois State Museum – “Sword Dance” Honorable Mention: Julie Krehbiel, Sikich – “Bird” Honorable Mention: Doris Woolery, Springfield School District #186 – “Hali Hula”

First Place: Tracy Pierceall, Illinois State Museum – “Cathedral“ Second Place: Nancy Wright Diefenback, Illinois State Board of Education – “Joycie Louis Garden” Third Place: Lisa Beenenga, Springfield School District #186 – “Landscape #3” Honorable Mention: Rosalind Harmon, Illinois Department of Revenue – “Veil of Flidais” Honorable Mention: Tracy Pierceall, Illinois State Museum – “On a Whim“ Honorable Mention: Brandy Hansen, City of Springfield – “Autumn Swirl Scarf“

First Place: Danucha Brikshavana, Illinois Department of Public Health – “As the Water Falls” Second Place: Jennifer Taft, Illinois Department of Revenue – “Terra Horse” Third Place: Michelle Ryan, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency – “Hydrangea Bowl”

First Place: Chris McDonald, Lincoln Land Community College – “The Local” Second Place: Kyle Beachy, Capitol Development Board – “Interior Dome” Third Place: Heidi Krekel, Springfield School District #186 – “Grandpa’s Ford” Honorable Mention: Michelle Burger, Lincoln Land Community College – “Primpin’ Ain’t Easy” Honorable Mention: Thomas W. Miller, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency – “Moon Rock Arches, Utah”
Honorable Mention: Joshua Rhoades, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency – “The Way” Honorable Mention: Ed Wagner, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency – “Rebirth”

First Place: Porcia Sledge, Illinois State Police – “Over There” Second Place: Bur Filson, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency – “Sonic Boom” Third Place: Kim Schwanke, Illinois Department of Revenue – “Umbrellas” Honorable Mention: Bur Filson, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency – “Grass and Leaf”
First Place: Julie Krehbiel, Sikich – “Southwest”

First Place: Troy A. Westfall, City of Springfield – “Farmer” Second Place: Bill Cornett, Capital Development Board – “Harvest”
Third Place: Angsutorn Hefley, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency – “Magic of Christmas”
First Place: Kathi Lee, Springfield School District #186 – “Rooster Carpe Diem” Second Place: Brandy Hansen, City of Springfield – “Hearts & Flowers Mandala” Third Place: Renee Mayerle, Sikich – “Re Up-holster”

To be named after November 23, 2019